Brunch in Philadelphia

If you’re one of those rare college students who tends to wake up before noon and likes to partake in some quality eating to start off the day then brunch sounds like the restaurant genre for you.

Philadelphia is home to an eclectic variety of brunch restaurants only a short and cheap train ride away and certainly affordable on the tight college-student budget.

The closest to St. Joe’s happens to be right on campus. The new and popular Landmark Restaurant, walking distance for most of us, does in fact serve brunch on Sundays with about six or seven unique breakfast dishes including Breakfast Nachos, Heuvos Quesadillas, and Steak and Egg Burrito, none of which hike above $10. The menu also includes about twelve lunch dishes including the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Sandwich, Fish and Chips, and Seafood Bisque Bread Bowl.

Café Lift, located in the Loft District (not far off of Route 676), offers a variety of both egg based dishes
(excellent Huevos Rancheros) and griddles such as the Canoli French Toast (as good as it sounds) for those who don’t mind indulging early in the day. For those who’d rather skip breakfast, “Café Lift” offers an array of salads and paninis as well.

Another less expensive choice is Sam’s Morning Glory Diner located a few blocks below South Street’s Magic Gardens on 10th and Fitzwater. The small, changing menu is made up for in quality. My recommendation? The Frittata—fluffy with fresh grilled veggies and served with an enormous hunk of biscuit. Their homemade jam is excellent as is their coffee. Give this place a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Of course you can’t mention Philly restaurants without a Stephen Starr. “Jones” is a fun, 1960s, almost Brady Bunch themed restaurant that serves brunch on weekends from 10AM until 3PM. Jones is slightly more expensive but don’t let that discourage you – a quality meal under $10 is certainly possible and still a superb choice. A few things worth noting on your first trip: if you love a simple breakfast sandwich, the Jones Biscuit Sandwich is a must. The Monkey Bread ($8.50) is a mouthwatering pastry to split between your group before your meal.  The orange juice is fresh squeezed and worth the $3.75.

For those who don’t mind spending a little time waiting and some extra money, try Green Eggs Café. With three locations (one in south, north, and midtown Philadelphia) Green Eggs is known for its commitment to being environmentally friendly. Their products are bought fresh and locally and their herbs and spices are grown in house. Dishes are often too big to finish in one sitting. Griddle-fans will be in brunch heaven here with French Toast flavors of peanut butter, crème brûlée, and tiramisu. Get there early, it’s quite popular.

Philadelphians take pride in their Brunch. No one does it better. Take advantage!