Three Kick-Ass Ways to Stay in Shape on the Road

One of my favorite things about consulting is the food. Traveling opens up innumerable opportunities to try new foods and see what a fresh city has to offer. Plus, it doesn’t hurt if you’ve got a client that’s willing to pick the tab… So when faced with the chance to really find out which place in the city has the best fried chicken how do you keep your waistline in check when faced with an underwhelming hotel gym and tight rooms? Despite my love of food, here’s what’s been working for me:

  1. Ground Pounders. Ground and body weight exercises are an excellent and underrated form of exercise. With today’s modern exercise machines available, people forget that push-ups, planks and squats are an easy and effective method. If you’re in the hotel room, make a little bit of space and do a simple circuit of 25 push-ups, 1 minute planks, and 15 squats. I like to do this routine 3-4 times in the morning and 1-2 times at night. If are able to fight off the desert at dinner, this could increase muscle mass as well. Over time, you’ll find that these specific exercises get repetitive and easy so move on to more advanced versions as you progress. Diamond push-ups, elevated leg push-ups, side planks, etc. are all extremely effective variations. Not only are these body weight exercise easy to do but this three exercise circuit hardly takes anytime at all!
  2. The Gripmasters and Hand Exercisers. While not a calorie torch, basic hand exercise machines are a compact way to get some exercise in. You can use these on the plane, in an Uber or even at your desk. (Assuming you’re lucky enough to get one…) Beyond their ability to toughen up your handshake I have found that hand exercisers are a great mental boost. If you’re getting exercise throughout the day it can help increase your motivation to work out in the morning or at night.
  3. Forget about elevators. As office workers at least 70% of your day is spent sitting in a chair. Whether you’re in meetings, at your desk or out to eat you are not moving. When it comes to moving around the building, getting in and out of your apartment building or hotel or even commuting try to do as much of it as you can physically. Take the stairs every chance you get. (Bonus points if you request a high floor at your hotel) Walk to the office if you’re close enough and the weather permits it. If you’re walking, you may even find a new place to eat!

In conclusion, it’s easier than you think to keep yourself in check when eating out every meal. These tips won’t get you into weight lifting completion but they will at least prevent you from getting into a larger suit!