Turo – A Better Way to Rent a Car

In the past year I’ve done stints in Baltimore, LA and Salt Lake City. Unfortunately, all three of these have required a rental car at one time or another and being a dedicated car guy at my core, nothing depresses me quite like a wheezy Toyota Camry or equivalent. Lucky for us there is an app out there that can bring salvation to those of us who like a bit more passion and style in the rides.

Turo is a recent addition to the app world and is essentially AirBNB for cars. People can list their personal vehicles on Turo for rent and then app takes care of the rest. Turo provides insurance, protects both parties and makes for an amicable experience. Like AirBNB, some hosts are more accommodating than others and Turo helps you find those that are willing to meet you at the airport for pick up and drop off. The best part is that not only do people list some fantastic cars but they do so at a reasonable price. These are just two of the Turo cars that I’ve used in the past year:

BMW 328i Convertible

Since I was in LA for a week a drop top was an absolute necessity. I rented this awesome 328i convertible and was able to enjoy California that much more when I wasn’t stuck at work. The owner was extremely easy to work with. He dropped the car off to me outside of baggage claim and met me at the terminal to take it back before my flight. Total cost for 7 days: $470 or $67 per day. As BMW fanboy I was pretty satisfied.

Porsche Boxster S

Baltimore’s close proximity to DC means that sometimes I’m required to go between them. A few weeks back my Tacoma was down for repair and my 325i was still waiting on parts leaving me with no car. Since trains end up being ~$70 one way, I knew there had to be a better option. There was. And for $150 I had a 6 speed Boxster S to play with for three days. In this case I took an Uber about 6 miles outside of the city to pick the car up and when I arrived the owner pulled it out of the garage, tossed me the keys said “please don’t wreck it”
and went inside. He didn’t even check to see if knew how a clutch worked.

In conclusion if you need a rental car and want a bit more thrill for not a lot more money, give Turo a shot. If you’re really trying to make it interesting, combine Turo with AirBNB for business for a very unique traveling experience.

Airbnb – Hotels Get Redundant

One of the top reasons people choose the consulting lifestyle is for the travel. In fact, one of my colleagues ended up working for our company by simply typing “jobs that travel” into Google. However, one of the disadvantages to traveling for work is living out of a hotel room. Sure the points are good but how many single serving soaps can you deal with over the course of a year?

Enter Airbnb for Business. Airbnb has now extended their offerings to accommodate business travelers. If you’re tired of the same old hotel spaces try renting out someone’s apartment, room or house. It may be a little farther from the client site, but if you’re in this for the experiences than it is a great chance to see how people live in your assigned city. Moreover, you can find some really cool places to stay and find yourself in a more relaxed, homey environment.

Airbnb for Business now links to your company’s expense software, provides itinerary updates and guarantees that each listing is outfitted with internet, a work space and other amenities so that you can stay productive even in an interesting location. I’ve also found that staying in the same locations over time builds a relationship with the Airbnb host and they can be more flexible and accommodate more unique requirements. Not to mention, an Airbnb can be substantially cheaper than equivalent hotel stays. This is a great negotiating point if you have to go through a different department when booking or seeking reimbursements.

Given the choice, I’d check out a downtown apartment over last week’s Marriott, anytime.