The McLobster – McDonalds Goes Cape Cod

For what it is, taste isn’t everything.

Any harbor town on the East Coast of the United States is going to have a few restaurants that offer up lobster rolls on their menu. More than a few will even go as far as to claim that they are the area’s best and despite the cost of entry, the low ingredient count and simple concept allow almost anyone to have an entry. But what happens when lobster rolls slide down into the fast food bracket? Not as much damage as you would think.

Despite the simplicity, lobster rolls are still a bourgeois treat. It is not uncommon to see them reach $25.00 to $30.00 on a high end menu. So with lobster rolls commanding these price premiums, it’s not surprising that an $8.99 version from McDonald’s drew some attention. The McDonalds lobster roll was available in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Albany, New York this past summer. It was available at more locations in 2015 and I believe we can expect its return in the spring of 2017.

So how does it taste? Better than you would expect. In order to really appreciate the McDonald’s lobster roll you have to take it for what it is. Comparing it to a $25.00 roll at a high end seafood restaurant will just leave you disappointed. But for $9.00, it’s not half bad. Yes, the lobster is frozen. Yes, the bun isn’t as soft and buttery as it could be but it is a fraction of the normal price.

The real beauty of the McDonald’s lobster roll is its accessibility. A family of four would have to pay $100.00 for four rolls whereas the Golden Arches will do the same for less than $40.00. For people balling on a budget this is a way to have the lobster roll experience without the lobster roll price since not everyone can justify spending $25.00 on a seafood stuffed hot dog bun.

Long story short, go try it. It won’t kill you and if you end up hating it, at least you can say you gave it a shot. No matter what in the end it will just let you appreciate a traditional lobster roll that much more.